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It came out of nowhere, but in the week leading up to London Fashion Week there was one designer’s name on the tip of all the editors tongues: Hakann.
Hailing from Turkey, this 37-year-old designer won a design competition in Istanbul, and through the grapevine, Carine Roitfeld became a fan. A Vogue Paris editor at LFW is news in itself, as the French publication notoriously stubs the festivities, but on the first day of fashion week Hakaan attendees were graced with the presence of Carine and Emmanuelle.
The show itself, styled by Edward Enniful, had a stellar cast including Anja, Mariacarla, Lara, and Natalia. Even Kate Moss made a surprise appearance in the front row. As for the actual collection, it is being described as ‘Givenchy meets Balmain’.
Sexy, body conscious mini-dresses were shown alongside swing coats, and this season’s favorite accessory – fur.
If this season’s hype is any indication, we will be hearing a lot more of Hakaan, both on red carpet and in the pages of our favorite magazines.
Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.