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For someone like myself, who considers the majority of pants to be horribly unflattering garments to be worn only in emergency situations, there’s a perverse thrill in buying a pair of pants that refuse to buckle down to conventional norms, and in fact exacerbate what is generally considered to be a ‘problem area’.  After all, popular wisdom (i.e. the do’s and don’t lists beloved by so many magazines and arbiters of style) suggests that we may want to avoid pants that make us look “hip-py”.  Not, I hasten to add, in the flower child, ban the bomb kind of way – I’m talking about the “my vital statistics are 36-26-54” variety of hip-pydom.

So to actually spend money on something like Zero + Maria Cornejo’s corduroy jodhpurs (with their over-sized, hip enhancing bucket pockets) seems like an act of perverse, wanton, sartorial vandalism.  Yet sometimes the craving for this sort of delinquency, or its kissing cousin, the mad dive into the deep end of the kitsch-filled swimming pool of bad taste, is necessary.