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Vintage-inspired drapey silk tees are so of-the-moment that it seems like an oxymoron. Cut like a t-shirt, but dressed up in featherweight silk, these fluttery finds are popping up everywhere from high-end designers like Lutz & Patmos, who showed their color-blocked versions at NYFW, to more affordable staples like Forever 21, who are claiming to have a “silk obsession.”

But don’t be fooled, vintage silk tees can really be had on the cheap. These slinky tops have made appearances anytime slouchy silhouettes have, so you can find them in all sizes and colors on the racks of vintage and thrift shops galore. Be sure to check the tags to make sure it’s genuine silk – it’s worth it for the money you’re saving, compared to the ticket price of 100% silk. Of course if they’ve lasted this long, they’re probably the real deal.

Don’t be frightened by shoulder pads, either, which are easily removed.  If you’re crafty, you can even find a creative use for the poor things, like fashioning them into bra boosters or a 20’s-inspired hairpiece. (Kidding, but more power to you if you do.) Tuck a silky blouse into a high waist for a timeless, elegant look, or for going out leave one loose and pair it with leggings and ankle boots.

Be careful not to party too hard, as silks are hard to clean, and thus notorious for indelible stains and wrinkling. My favorites have pretty keyhole details at the neck that you can show off by wearing your hair up. However you wear it, a silk tee is versatile, layers exceptionally, and adds a touch of glamour to any outfit. 

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.