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So if Tim Gunn doesn’t like it, does that mean we’re not allowed to like it either? Because I’m not going to lie, I kind of like it. For what it is. But it is a tad bit discouraging that Tim Gunn isn’t a fan of the Kardashian sisters’ new clothing line for Bebe. Because, in Tim Gunn we trust.

But really, did you actually expect Tim Gunn to be a fan of anything from Bebe? It would almost be weird if he did. The Kardashian’s new clothing line definitely isn’t high-fashion, by any means. But for what it is, and being from Bebe and all, I thought the girls actually did a pretty good job.

But according to good old Tim Gunn, "I just think the Kardashians have an absence of taste and I don’t think that that should be perpetuated. I’m sorry I’m sounding like an old snob, but it bothers me." Awww. But part of why we love Tim Gunn so much is because he’s an old snob. And he knows good fashion, and we trust him for that. So how about I just say, in terms of Bebe’s clothing, the Kardashian sister’s line is hot?

Oh, and Tim Gunn hates the style from Jersey Shore, too. But then, don’t we all? He says, "Don’t even get me started. It is not a style to emulate. I know that the show is hugely popular. I will tell you it pains me when I hear 12-year-old girls say it’s their favorite show. You shouldn’t be watching it!"

It pains us too. And I have a feeling JWoWW’s clothing line is going to fail pretty instantly.

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