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Chloe has been in great hands since Karl Lagerfeld left the brand, and although I miss the bits of humor mixed in with feminine, romantic looks that Stella McCartney infused into her collections for Chloe, Hannah MacGibbon is doing a wonderful job at delivering wearable, well-fitted, feminine looks that are never boring, despite their lack of frills.
This season, the designer opted for a relatively muted palette – beige, camel, caramel, cream, taupe, blue, black – but kept things interesting with her loose fitting, breezy silhouettes, which resulted in gorgeous high-waisted trousers, flouncy cape coats, and most impressively, a knee-length leather skirt that didn’t seem overly stiff (even if it wasn’t exactly a high point from an aesthetic point of view).

MacGibbon clearly understands the Chloe aesthetic and what the brand’s customer wants, but at the same time she has been able to put her stamp on the collection, namely in boldly textured outerwear and fringed all along the side pants and a black coat with the same outer detailing.

Who says muted colors automatically translate into boring? MacGibbon proves that you can go classic, but still deliver interesting looks that women in a very wide age range will want to wear. Best of all, most of the looks are open to being accessorized. A younger customer could, for example, easily snap up one of the monochromatic separates and turn them into statement piece by adding a bold necklace, whereas an older woman may opt for a simple pendant necklace, or no accessories at all.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.