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It has to be faced, paper eyelashes are the beauty equivalent of running with scissors.  While you fully realize that in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred your fears are groundless, there’s always the chance that an impetuous bat of the eyelashes could result in a nasty paper cut.  Not that such cowardly considerations would deter me from sampling the pulpy delights of the false eyelashes created by cardboard and paper design company, Paperself.



For Paperself has taken the beauty of the traditional Chinese art of paper cutting and made it wearable.  There are a total of five designs, each paying homage to a different Chinese symbol and the imagery behind it – from peach blossoms for love, to horses for success, or peonies for happiness.


And, at £12 a pair (or £10 for two pairs of the smaller versions), they’re reasonable enough to be worn without too much concern for their transitory nature.  However, it would probably be best to avoid rain, swimming, or any occasion that induces tears (of either joy or rage) while wearing a pair. 

Running mascara is bad enough, but watching paper horses disintegrate into mush and slide down your cheeks is quite another.


Paper lashes available from Luna & Curious