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Burberry Takes on the Instagram Egg

It hasn’t even been two days since the amusing Instagram battle between Kylie Jenner and an actual egg started. Now, we’re seeing a third contender in the race for most Instagram likes — and it’s luxury fashion house Burberry. 

The brand is currently preparing to hatch — er, release — its Spring 2019 collection and, in typical Burberry fashion, it has an Instagram photo series presenting various objects — a skateboard, crowbar and a deer statue. But the object that is of most interest is a cracked egg with the runway date “17 SEPT 18” stamped on it.

Burberry has a long way to go to beat the 45 million likes (and counting) of @world_record_egg, but kudos to them for capitalizing on the social media zeitgeist of the moment. It remains to be seen who (or what) will be the next world record contender but for now, we’ll just entertain ourselves with a peek at Burberry’s long-awaited spring collection (below).