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I think we’ve all heard, and potentially subscribe to, the old adage “we fear what we don’t understand”.  Personally I usually find that there are so many terrifying things in existence that fall within the bounds of my comprehension, that I find it a little difficult to get apprehensive about the wealth of things that don’t.  Yet, when it comes to this summer’s double denim trend, I take it all back.  Not only do I not understand the appeal of this particular little foray into the ‘don’t’s’ of fashion history, I find the thought of summer sidewalks awash with questionable pairings of rinse and finish to be more than a little alarming.

For the dreaded double denim conjures up a myriad of images; from 80’s Welsh rock and roll singer Shakin’ Stevens, to truck drivers, to elderly males desperately trying to regain their youth.  None of which, it has to be said, causes a stylistic fire of passion to burn within my breast.  Nor does it suggest that this cacophony of chambray will be even remotely flattering to the 99.99999% of the population whose CV doesn’t include the qualification “it girl”.  For this is a trend for the “beautiful people”, those fortunate few who manage to make even the ugliest clothes look ironic and cool.  For the rest of us, it’s time to be afraid…and to realize that a little of anything can go a very long way.