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With all the talk about embracing a green economy, sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish between idle chat and real commitment. At Bloomingdales, talk is not cheap, and its flagship store on East 59th and its Soho branch have put their creative aesthetic where it counts most – on display in their central windows. The designer of choice to demonstrate Bloomingdales’ celebration of Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary and its commitment to sustainable clothing is Gary Harvey, British designer and couture recycler.  He is known for turning army fatigues, trench coats, old jeans, and even old newspaper copy into recycled, couture princess gowns.  Harvey’s creations that wowed audiences and critics at the Green Shows during New York Fashion Week, can be viewed in Bloomingdales’ windows through April 30.

Gary Harvey’s ‘Army Dress’ is front and center in Bloomingdale’s 59th Street window. This recycled couture gown is made from a variety of military camouflage fatigues. Camouflage fatigue is an ideal sustainable fabric that is designed to withstand different climates and environments.

Harvey’s ‘Newspaper Dress’ was the showstopper of his collection at the Green Shows. Made from over 30 copies of The Financial Times, the dress is composed of a bodice corset with a matching newspaper petal skirt.  

The ‘Mac Dress’ was made from 18 classic raincoats. The bodice is draped in a Burberry lining with full skirt comprised of complete macintoshes.

The ‘Denim Dress’ was made from over 20 pairs of used Levi’s jeans. Harvey demonstrates with this creation that you don’t have buy new jeans every season, whether they are distressed or embellished, to be fashionable.

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