Trend: Eclectic Trousers

Whether it’s a comfortable pair of boyfriend jeans or chic drainpipe trousers for work, the right pair of pants is important.

When the weather turns drab, nothing shakes our spirits alive more than a wild print, so why not try something different for Fall 2010 by wearing outrageous trousers?

At Dries van Noten, trousers were all the rage. Some were baggy and low-slung, some were boxy and straight, and some were pin-thin at the bottom.

The most notable trousers had sleek silhouettes in light-reflecting fabrics that felt hypnotic and multi-dimensional. Looking at the prints and textures was like looking through a kaleidoscope – the patterns just jumped right out.

Rachel Comey made a pair in a similar style, but hers were covered in a repeating wallpaper pattern, and pumped up in an electric hue. She even had a cropped length version of the trousers that flowed freely around the ankles.

When going for a cropped trouser, choose a silky fabric, so that it drapes softly and whimsically. Because the length is shorter, there is less fabric to work with, which means you can go doubly wild with the prints – the crazier the better.

Don’t be afraid to mix prints and create eclectic pattern combinations. Loose-fitting trousers covered in a vintage chevron pattern look amazing when paired with a flirty pink blouse. Slim cut trousers in a space-age fabric will look more avant-garde chic than robotic if you wear them with a blazer in a vibrant contrasting hue.

These combinations may not make sense, but that is exactly the point. Nonsensical whimsey is the intent behind the genius of the eclectic trouser, so pick a wild print or loud color that shows that you have experimental guts.

Patterned trousers are already outrageous on their own, so why not just go all the way with this trend?