Get the Look: World Traveler

The summer always calls for a much-needed vacation to a far away place. 


The Spring/Summer 2010 shows gave us just what we needed to prepare us for trips to all corners of the world.

What’s on the list for the season? How about clothes influenced by Africa’s dry deserts, or Asia’s humid tropical rainforests?

From color combinations inspired by the expansive landscape of the Sahara Desert to watercolor-splashed fabrics modeled after India’s traditional saris, the world’s brightest and most eclectic cultures have always been the biggest fashion inspirations.

This summer, try taking your inner world traveler to a more glamorous level. Don’t just wear a dress in a worldly pattern – spice things up with intricate accessories that bring to mind treasures found at a bustling Indonesian street market or the extravagant flourishes of ancient Egyptian kings and queens.

Take a cue from the Diane von Furstenberg Spring/Summer 2010 show, and pile on eye-catching embellishments like electric neon bangle bracelets, decadent waist belts, blooming floral hairpieces, gold strappy sandals, shimmering metallic trimmings, and eclectic beaded embroidery. These modern self-indulgent touches will take your favorite ethnic-inspired summer staples to a new state of luxury.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to updating pieces inspired by the beauty and tradition of the world, allowing you to take remnants of a foreign exploration with you everywhere you go. And even if you aren’t traveling to an exotic place, you can always use your imagination to exude a worldly culture through your clothes. According to von Furstenburg, the more flash and color saturation, the better.

So don’t be shy – get started with this runway-inspired look:

1. Sunfaded Flower Headband from Free People – $88.00

2. Embellished Tube Dress from Free People – $188.00

3. Beaded Skinny Scarf from Forever 21 – $7.80

4. Phenom Studded Belt from Forever 21 – $12.80

5. Strappy Pindot Heels from Forever 21- $27.80