What Hat for What Head: Tips from Ellen Christine

Whether you’re heading to an exclusive event like the annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic or simply lounging by a pool, hats are an undeniably essential part of summer fashions. 
To that end, we turned to leading milliner to the stars, Ellen Christine, to get the scoop on how to best choose a hat to flatter your face shape.
Christine started off by noting that even though many people claim they can’t pull-off a look topped with a hat, “the only thing you need to wear a hat is a head.”
Further, while she rightly notes that the “best hat for you is the one that makes you smile,” there are some that tend to be more flattering than others on particular face shapes.  Here are Christine’s tips.

Round faces

Don’t wear round silhouettes, like bowlers.

Long, narrow faces

Don’t do a top hat

Small, petite faces

Don’t wear a brim that turns you into a mushroom

“It’s that simple. When in doubt, ask a milliner, and know your comfort level,” notes Christine, adding that she has “customers who can wear showgirl headpieces and feel at ease. Others are happy with a classic contained shape.”
When it comes to events like the Polo Classic (where one’s hat choice can seem as important as who wins the actual Polo match), Christine tells us that you “should bring a bit of fantasy to the field.
A large brim is a good choice for this outdoor event. Make the hat special by doing color or tram that amuses. It is best to start with the hat, and shape for your outfit after that important choice has been made. Stay a bit classic, but remember the fun and excitement of the moment.”
My hat of choice is the Cuban, which I personally find flattering on most people, no matter their face shape. I’m particularly fond of Eugenia Kim’s designs (including her Target line), and cannot wait for the weather to be warm enough to wear one of my new purchases.