Imagine Fashion: A Creative Collective

Imagine Fashion is a creative collective that has rooted itself in the digital hemisphere of the internet in order to bring its aesthetic pleasures to viewers worldwide.

Imagine Fashion itself has brought together acclaimed directors and designers to create films that showcase a revolutionary type of fashion and lifestyle experience for its participants. The films themselves reflect a fashion and luxury publication, transcending the limitations of print to become something entirely new, by utilizing other mediums to translate the ideas behind the films.

One such film trailer, Eyes of the Mind, recently kicked off Imagine Fashion’s June 2010 film showcase.

Directed by London-based designer/illustrator Alex Turvey, Eyes of the Mind is described as “unlocking the visual pathway to a dreamscape world”.  

The film montage itself blends visually stunning sequences of meticulously styled models running in slow motion.  Other characters struggle with significant oversized objects (such as a massive key) in a beautiful yet slightly foreboding forest, while the rhythmic yelping of up-and-coming band Young Buffalo plays in the background.

Imagine Fashion, together with Alex Turvey, is bridging the gap between music, visual performance, and fashion to create a medium whose power and brilliance lies in the sum of its parts.


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