Fall Color Trend: Brown

A favored color choice of 70’s fashion and home décor, brown has a tendency to get a bad rep. But according to the Fall 2010 runways, it’s the color that we should all be wearing this upcoming autumn.

With fashion’s recent turn towards organic, earth-toned colors, it makes sense that brown is making its way back into our wardrobes. It conjures up images of nature’s greatest elements, which were distinct features of the fall season, such as rich garden soil, textured tree bark, and the edges of golden-colored autumn leaves.

The Salvatore Ferragamo fall runway show opened with a plethora of all-brown looks. With a brilliant mixing and matching of different textures, metallic-infused fabrics, and various tones of brown, these looks were anything but bland.

A standout ensemble was made up of a light brown silk striped blouse layered under a dark brown woolly vest with medium brown pockets in the front.  Add a pair of plaid brown shorts, a tan suede purse, and cheeky ankle socks, and you’ve got a retro-inspired city look reminiscent of Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally. A brown leather belt around the waist adds a modern touch and pulls everything together.

Chloé also played around with light, dark, and medium displays of brown all in one outfit. There was a dark brown speckled sweater, beige shorts with fringe running down the edges, camel colored oversized bloomer shorts, and a pair of burgundy-brown leather high-waisted trousers. Who knew brown could exist in such abstract ways?

So don’t stuff your brown clothes in the back of the closet once fall rolls around. Rather, reinterpret this earthy hue for modern day wear by combining different tones with multi-dimensional textures for an unexpectedly chic look.
Here’s an all-brown look to inspire you:


1. Rebecca Minkoff Helmut Pants from – $175.00

2. Elizabeth and James Mondrian Tee from – $225.00

3. Cut-Out Trim Heels from Forever 21 – $24.80

4. Belted Leatherette Shoulder Bag from Forever 21 – $28.80

5. Sparkle Calf-High Socks from American Apparel – $9.00

6. Brown Blended Leatherette Jacket from Forever 21 – $34.50