A Shopping Assist You Can’t Live Without

New York City is an incredible metropolis with great people, great entertainment, and lots of great shopping.

Because there is so much good shopping, it can be a little overwhelming for the average consumer, particularly if NYC is not a familiar stomping ground.

Having a knowledgeable guide can make the difference between having an enjoyable, authentic shopping experience versus being caught in a disappointing sojourn where lots of money is spent, with the bargains few and far between.

Eliza Parrilla, founder of Stylista Shopping Tours NYC (Stylista), can give you that winning advantage. "Most people who come to NYC only explore the main stores like Macy’s, Bloomingdales, and Bergdorf Goodman. They usually don’t venture outside of midtown Manhattan to shop," she says.

"There is great shopping all over Manhattan and in Brooklyn. And you can shop on any budget. At Stylista we do focused, customized shopping tours with an authentic New Yorker who loves NYC, and knows how to show this city off."

A former NYC radio personality, fashion insider Parrilla formed Stylista Shopping Tours NYC after having a conversation with a tormented visitor. "I met this frustrated tourist in one of my favorite boutiques, and we had this great conversation about where she could find the things she was looking for," Parrilla says. "After the conversation, I had a serendipitous moment, and realized that I could help shoppers have an authentic NYC shopping experience, using my fashion industry acumen by guiding them to unusual places where they could find unique and affordable things only offered here."

Stylista is not afraid to take on any challenge. "I had a client whose feet could not fit comfortably in shoes. The back of her heel would come out of every shoe. I found the perfect pair of shoes for her at Marmi, the shoe boutique that specializes in all types of footwear," she says. " I also had a client who wanted these custom-made Levi jeans with a blinged-out "V" on the back pockets.  Since Levis no longer made those jeans, Stylista was able to satisfy her with some jeans that matched that aesthetic."

For $99, shoppers get a pre-planned three-hour customized tour based on a phone or e-mail interview. And for $299, shoppers get a 3.5-hour personal shopping tour where everything is pre-selected.

Parrilla also has great relationships with showrooms and designers, such as The Real Housewives of New York fashion designer Loris Diran, accessories and jewelry designer Elli Grace, and shoe designer Isle Jacobsen Hornbaek.

Consumers can access Parrilla through her website,, where she blogs about designers, great buys in NYC, and New Yorkers with great personal style.

"NYC is my home, and I love making great fashion a part of everyone’s daily life," she says.

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Photos courtesy of Eliza Parrilla.