Double Exposure and Runway Magazine Party Launch

Fashion reality programs have run the gamut from shows about designers, models, stylists, and mostly recently – if regrettably – a New Jersey family that owns a prom and party dress boutique.

Double Exposure, another attempt to make the worlds of fashion and celebrity more palatable to the average television viewer, follows the tumultuous, shutterbug adventures of celebrity and high fashion photographers Markus Klinko and Indrani.

Unlike other fashion reality shows of this ilk, Double Exposure does proffer a more realistic view into the world of high fashion and celebrities.

From the hyper-expensive and technologically advanced equipment that Indrani, Klinko, and their team of assistants shuttle from one exotic location to the next, the producers of Double Exposure (Bravo) expertly detail that high-end photography is not for the vaguely curious or amateur photographers with semiprofessional cameras.

Only the big boys can play this game! And Klinko and Indrani, who have photographed everyone from Iman to Ann Hathaway to Beyonce, are big time players.

Photos courtesy of Ernest Green
















To celebrate the premiere of Double Exposure, Bravo, in conjunction with the launch of Runway Magazine’s Swimwear Issue, on June 16, held a red carpet event and photographic exhibition on NYC’s Lower East Side. Nole Marin of America’s Next Top Model fame is the new fashion director of Runway Magazine and responsible for the exciting new look of this two-year-old fashion quarterly. Runway Magazine’s swimwear issue contains an exclusive interview with Klinko and Indrani, as well exclusives of Supermodel Pat Cleveland and The Hills Stephanie Pratt.

Photos courtesy of Ernest Green.