Artist Amber B Presents SUMMERWINTER

Element Eden Advocate Amber B has created a hand sewn world of mythical creatures exploring opposition and eternal love.

Inspired by her love for her husband and the simplicity of black and white, SUMMERWINTER will explore a new minimalist approach to her work than the Aussie artist is used to.

"I started thinking about the SUMMERWINTER concept about a year ago.  It was a natural seasonal progression after my Autumn-inspired show at Colette in Paris”

The presentation centers around a single love story between the characters Summer and Winter, who fall in love from opposite sides of the world.

Along with her hand sewn creatures, Amber designed a limited edition Ombré dyed scarf made especially for the show as a symbol of black and white becoming one.

Her last American exhibition took place in New York City, and Amber is thrilled to do a solo presentation in Los Angeles.

Amber and her husband have also created a short film that will be presented at the exhibit. The solo exhibition will take place on Friday July 16th from 7-11 pm at the POVevolving Gallery in Los Angeles.

Taking note of her seamstress skills, perhaps a avante garde fashion line might be next?