Wild Summer Shades

Maybe you’re wearing them to protect your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun.  Maybe you’re wearing them to hide the fact that you’re not wearing any make-up, or to conceal haggard, hungover eyes.

Whatever the case, sunglasses are the must-have summer-into-fall accessory. 

The nearly universally flattering classic Ray Ban aviators are usually a reliable go-to, but for those looking to make a statement with their shades, we’ve rounded up some artistic, attention-grabbing fashionable sunnies.

Can everyone pull these off? Certainly not, but we applaud anyone who has the bravado to try.



1. Linda Farrow x Jeremey Scott TV Specs, $245 

2. Kerin Rose Sunglasses with Chain£250 

3. Jacques Fath Vintage Oversized Sunglasses, $138 

4. Linda Farrow Projects Alexander Wang Zipper, $358 


5. Raffaella Di Montalban Semi Precious Stones Sunglasses, $1,768 


6. Linda Farrow x Jeremey Scott Mickey, $440 


7. Moschino Heart Shaped Sunglasses, £265