Niina From Honey I Stole Your Jumper: Blogger Style

tFS chats with Niina, the Finnish blogger and culinary student behind the style blog HoneyIStoleYourJumper

The Fashion Spot: How did you get interested in fashion?

Niina: I’ve always loved to dress up and try on different clothes (even when my taste in clothing was everything but stylish), but at some point when I was in Junior High School it got to a different level.

I found the wonderful world of internet and blogs, and since then my style has changed a lot and keeps changing each day. At first I didn’t have courage to wear what I truly wanted, because it’s easy to attract too much attention in a small town.


tFS: Who takes your pictures?

N: Me, myself, or my closest friends. I’ve gotten my parents behind the camera a few times.


tFS: What fashion sites and blogs do you read daily?

N: I look at so many blogs and tumblrs on a daily basis that it’s really hard to name favorites.  I find design blogs like DI$COUNT very interesting and always feel inspired after reading them. Interior design is one of my weaknesses too, and maybe it isn’t a big surprise that I visit The Selby often.


tFS: Fantasy dinner companion(s)?

N: All my lovely friends who I haven’t seen during this busy summer. I’ve been working hard and non-stop (except my trips to Copenhagen and Stockholm) since June, so it would be awesome to have a picnic or something similar. I miss long chats with the people I like to spend time with.


tFS: What do you hang on your walls?

N: I like to keep my walls white and empty but there’s one hanging reindeer horn where I keep my rings, a big light bulb, and a little postcard with a unicorn.


tFS: Do you pay a lot of attention to reader feedback?

N: I really appreciate that so many people comment on my blog and write such sweet things. It’s unbelievable how one nice comment can turn your obnoxious day better and make you smile! I read every single comment that gets posted on my blog.