Olivia From LustForLife: Blogger Style

Olivia Lopez is the 17-year-old blogger behind LustForLife. She interns for UNIF/Play Me Jeans, and works as a freelance stylist and print model.

The Fashion Spot: When did you first start your blog?

Olivia Lopez: I began my blog in November 2006, but my blogging roots can be traced back through my weird obsession with documenting things, ever since I was 5 and bought my first journal.

I’m a creature of habit and went through the Xanga and Livejournal phase – but posts dated from 2006 were mainly re-caps to look back upon and have an accessible source for photo outings with my friends.

tFS: Who takes your pictures?

OL: Anyone on any given day that I’m dressed up and wandering around town!

tFS: What fashion sites and blogs do you read daily?

OL: I don’t have internet on my phone, nor do I have a set schedule to maintain a fixed daily read, but when I do I love to peek at JakandJil, Them-Thangs, Apatchofskye and 4thandBleeker.

tFS: Favorite time of year for fashion?

OL: Fall! I love Autumn tones and layers and leggings. I live in them! Uncomfortably, even during the summer, I’m all for fur vests and leggings for day strolls. It’s also reminds of the excitement of school, and my birthday.

tFS: Fantasy dinner companion(s)?

OL: Randy Pausch, Jack Kerouac, Kelly Cutrone and F.Scott Fitzgerald

tFS: What do you hang on your walls?

OL: Polaroids, a giant Who poster, and a collage of beautiful things I love. But I’m currently on the lookout for a giant old map of the world to hang above my bed.

tFS: What are your favorite labels and designers?

OL: Chloe for outerwear, Acne for shoes, Spanish Moss for vintage goods, and every designer that Opening Ceremony and Pixie Market carries. Oh, and Jeffrey Campbell for it’s bootleg version of every coveted shoe of the season.