Jennifer Aniston Stays Chic for The Switch

In her new romantic comedy The Switch, Jennifer Aniston plays Kassie, a single woman in New York who decides to have a baby. The catch?  She’s determined to do it without a man.  

Kassie is smart, beautiful, and funny – much like Aniston, whose character Rachel Green on Friends will always be our go-to reference for girl-next-door glamour. Viewers will be surprised to learn, then, that Kassie doesn’t want to adopt or search through sperm laboratories for a donor; instead, she impregnates herself with a turkey baster.

The Switch hits theaters on August 20th, and it’ll be exciting to see how the producers of hit indie gems like Little Miss Sunshine and Juno spin megastar Aniston into a postmodern leading lady.  

For fans of Jake Gyllenhaal’s sleeper hit, The Good Girl – where Aniston looked lovely even as a Wal-Mart employee – this is sure to hit the mark. Everyone else will be staring at her wardrobe.

Kasia Walicka-Maimone, who was nominated for a CDG award in 2006 for her costume design work on the Capote set, was hired to dress Aniston in chic New York neutrals – think cashmere pashminas and Diane von Furstenberg jersey dresses – with just the right mix of feminine flair.  It’s not always easy to work trench coats and blazers when temperatures are quick to fall, but stills from the set make it look like a breeze.  Kassie wears a grey-fitted riding jacket and red high-necked halter that may just distract us from the film.

And as Aniston’s recent photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar as Barbra Streisand reminded us, Aniston is more than just an actress and fashion plate – she’s a funny girl. Follow her lead and take baby-making into your hands with The Switch Babymaker App.