The Return of Bell Bottoms

It looks like the decade defining trend of the sixties and seventies is ready to come back into the spotlight: the bell bottom pant.
This extreme shape of bell bottoms is a refreshing turn from the skinny leg style that has taken over the denim world in the past few years. Skinny pants are chic, but everyone from preppy students to punk rockers are wearing them, and their overexposure is starting to feel monotonous.
Bell bottoms scream for attention and break the cycle of getting stuck in the usual fashion rut. Some people are too scared to try this trend for fear of looking short or stumpy, but bell bottoms actually lengthen and slim your legs!
And since bell bottoms are all about shape, accentuate your figure by finding a pair of bell bottoms that hug your curves everywhere on top before flaring out right below the knee. Also, don’t be afraid to go extra wide. The wider the flare, the higher your heels should be, and the longer your legs will look!
The new fall season is all about experimenting and trying something new, and bell bottom denim is the easiest and freshest way to start. Complete this sixties throwback by wearing a pair of platforms heels, a fur trimmed jacket, and John Lennon-esque circle sunnies with your flares, and you’ll look just like the beautifully beaming Kate Hudson in Almost Famous. People may do a double take on the streets, but that’s only because they want to be you (and they want to know where you got your jeans from).