Trendsetter: Hobo Magazine

I’m pretty sure Canadians are taking over the magazine industry.  

It’s been a long time coming, sure, with the infamous Tyler Brule’ taking over Wallpaper and moving on to create Monocle, the wonderful yet seriously highbrow lifestyle publication.  

For the past six years, however, I’ve had an on-and-off love affair with Hobo Magazine, another Canadian gem.  

The only reason it’s been so up and down, is that for ages Hobo would disappear from the stands.  Good news everyone: Hobo is back.  And it’s better than ever!  

Isabel Marant is arguably one of the most respected womenswear designers of our decade, and the lovely lady behind the clothing line is finally getting some real recognition.  
She talks about the opening of her new NYC (Soho) flagship, as well as her drawing process and the importance of wearing each individual garment before the final product is sent to the factory.  
She needs to know how she feels “in the piece, what appearance it could give,” she says, “and I try to find exactly how a fabric is going to fall, which way I’m going to wear it.”  From her omni-seasonal cotton baseball t-shirts and denim button-downs, to her black minidresses and skirts, it’s obvious the fit has been considered.  
Ari Marcopoulos shot the cover for this issue, and the layout that follows can only be described as “downtown.”  
How else can one possibly explain the pairing of Pamela Love jewelry, Borsalino hats, camisoles by The Lake and Stars, and a good old Alexander Wang trench?  
Fall’s a-coming, and until we have to admit the departure of heat and sunshine, we’ll wear our Levi’s 501’s with a vintage top and combat boots.  In our friends’ East Village apartment or Chelsea gallery, of course.  
I kind of missed the model Lydia Hearst.  She was all over the place five or six years ago, before Lara and Irina and Freja took over the books.  
She’s back, with her signature Heather Graham-meets-runway look.  Photographed at the Chateau Marmont by Shawn Dogimont – also Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director of Hobo Magazine – she wears a whole lot of nothing.
…Except for a chunky Raquel Allegra sweater that looks delicious!
Hobo Magazine is wonderful to hold, a joy to read from cover to cover, and an artifact you’ll never dream of throwing away.