Fall 2010 Trend: Equestrian Style

No picture sets the mood for fall better than one of an elegant young lady on top of a majestic horse riding through a forest of golden leaves.

Close your eyes and imagine this:

It’s like something you would probably only see out of a movie or read in an old British novel, since not many of us are horse riding aficionados in real life.

But even if you cannot actually act the part, why not look the part?  Old school equestrian looks were striding down the fall runways in full form, and the only thing missing was the actual horse itself.

Christian Dior showcased a classic equestrian look with a masculine touch, A.F. Vandevorst went for a sleeker and more minimalist route, and Hermès redefined the classy lady in a long skirt who sat sideways on her horse.

Billowing jodhpurs, aged leather knee high riding boots, oversized top hats, and single-breasted hacking jackets were amongst the pieces that made up fashion’s interpretation of the English preference for all things equestrian.



When trying to incorporate this trend into your everyday wardrobe, rather than going for a head-to-toe galloping through the woods look, stick to just a few horse-riding inspired pieces at a time.

Going full on with this trend will make you like like you’re leaning more towards a Halloween costume, but pairing sleek riding pants with a simple slouchy top and blazer looks chic.

If you’d like to wear a pair of riding boots, skip the jodhpurs and go with a pair of distressed denim and a preppy plaid jacket in a masculine shape instead.

Or pair a hacking jacket with a slim body conscious mini skirt. You’ll look ready for the saddle, yet edgy at the same time.

Mixing modern pieces with these traditional English accessories keeps everything in style proportion.