10 Covetable On-the-Go Flats

Some women may scorn flats, deeming them one of fashion’s ultimate faux-pas.

But there are times when there is simply no option but to wear flats (think writers and editors on a budget, relegated to subways and walking the city streets, trying to make it through Fall/Winter 2010 New York Fashion Week amidst a veritable blizzard).

I can also attest to being at fashion and beauty events, and oftentimes seeing women from some of the top glossies looking perfectly at ease in flats (usually from J. Crew).  

To that end, with the raining drizzling outside on a near-daily basis, and the cold front looming ahead, here are some flat options that won’t have you feeling self-conscious – no matter how many towering heels are in your midst (please note that not all options are rain appropriate). 

7. Tod’s Heaven Loafer – $365.72