Trend: Baroque Style

It’s common knowledge that fashion is inspired by art. But there was one style of art that seemed to prevail at the Fall/Winter 2010 shows: Baroque.

Baroque art was prevalent from the late 17th century to the early 18th century in Europe.

You may have seen a Baroque styled painting at a famous museum before. Baroque art is defined by its colorful, exaggerated, and detailed portrayal of movement and emotion – much like the way an actor brings to life a character on stage with a facial expression, or a single movement of his finger.

Translate this into fashion, and you’ve got an aesthetic that looks like it belongs in the palace of a European monarch rather than on the downtown city streets.

Baroque art was dressed up in every shape and form on the runways, from opulent brocade jackets to cascading velvet dresses and jewel-encrusted bodices.

So the question remains: how does one adapt Baroque’s regal pieces without looking too theatrical? Incorporating bits of baroque-inspired fabric and shape is enough to capture an entire century’s worth of artistic merit in one outfit. A shrunken brocade blazer threaded in gold and silver, like the ones featured in the Balmain show, will look down-to-earth with a pair of dark washed skinny jeans and combat boots.
When wearing a baroque styled dress, not unlike those designed by the late Alexander McQueen, remember to keep everything else simple. Leave your hair down and your make-up natural to complement an extravagantly pleated satin dress, and complete the ensemble with some basic black flats.