Trend: Strappy Wedges with Ankle Socks

Many ponder over the task of autumn-izing their summer wardrobes. How can a sundress from June’s vacation in Hawaii look suitable once the sun sets early, and the leaves turn gold and crispy? Layering is the most sensible approach. But, what about summer footwear?
Summer’s popular skin-baring heels and wedges are too pretty and fun to be kept in the closet all fall and winter long. Revive them with some color and pattern this season, and make them seem new again.
Transform your strappy summer wedges and stiletto sky-high statement pieces for the fall with a pair of your favorite ankle socks. They can be monochromatic, sheer, woolly, striped, sparkly, or anything your heart desires.
As long as your wedges are chunky, your heels high, and your straps intricate and eye-catching, nothing attracts more positive attention than summer’s flashiest heels worn on a chilly autumn day.

Take a look at these summery heels that are still capable of fitting into the fall aesthetic. 
Then, start piling on the socks! A great place to start building your collection of standout, in-your-face-socks is at We Love Colors.