Jacquelyn Jablonski: Masculine Layering At Its Best

Model Jacquelyn Jablonski is the industry’s latest darling. While she is quickly taking over the runways, she is also becoming a street style icon.

Jablonski was spotted during Paris Fashion Week in a bold menswear-inspired look, a look many think can be pulled off only by a girl with a striking face and long, lean limbs, like Jablonski.

In reality, such a boyish look is not just reserved for supermodels.

Just take into consideration the details of Jacquelyn’s styling: a slim button-front blouse, a fitted cropped sweater, slouchy trousers, a sleek A-line coat, and a crisp top hat.

Her classic Chanel purse and wedge booties are the only feminine pieces of her ensemble, but they balance out the masculinity of her outfit.

The key to a menswear-inspired look is juxtaposition, and Jacquelyn got it just right. Find out how to get the look, below.


1. Rebecca Minkoff Kiss Bag from Shopbop – $345.00

2. Shipley & Halmos Kerrigan Sweater from Shopbop – $385.00

3. Tailored Sixties Wool Coat from Ramon West Vintage – $95.00

4. Woolcut Pants from J. Crew – $65.00

5. Jeffrey Campbell Full Oxford Wedges from Shopbop – $98.00

6. Elizabeth and James Summer Cohen Shirt from Shopbop – $225.00

7. Small Brim Fedora from Shopbop – $78.00