Look of the Moment: The Slouchy Cardigan

What’s the best way to transition your warm weather pieces into the fall season? 

An oversized, slouchy sweater cardigan may just do the trick. A cardigan in rich, earthy hues like rustic brown, sandy beige, or a deep maroon will warm up any look with ease.

This girl in Paris has obviously caught on to this trick in her blue denim cut-off shorts, braided leather belt, and lightweight blouse.
Without the waffle knit cardigan that drapes heavily in the arms and around the back, her outfit is one she could be sporting on any old summer day, with a big straw sun hat on her head.
But transport the outfit into the fall season, lose the hat, throw on some floral tights and the largest cardigan you can imagine, and you’ve got yourself a promising look that’s weather-appropriate. 
Here is a selection of some chic and slouchy cardigans that you must get your hands on right away!