H&M: A Dazzling Holiday 2010 Collection

H&M holiday red dress

Drama, drama, drama. Normally we'd tell you to save it, but in this case we suggest embracing it, instead. H&M delivers serious intensity and elegance with its Holiday 2010 collection, a mesmerizing lineup of trendy pieces absolutely perfect for every occasion on the agenda.

Perhaps to ward off the impending chill in the air, H&M utilizes a bevy of impressively decadent details this season – little touches that absolutely warm the heart at first sight. Think gleaming brocade, romantic tiers of lace, tufts of dreamy chiffon, seeming miles of silky satin and plenty of royalty-worthy velvet. There are even hints of rock 'n' roll in this eclectic mix, along with military influence, the thrill of romance and an appreciation for crisp, menswear-inspired silhouettes.

H&M one shoulder dressH&M red blazer

A mixed bag? You could say that. There's something here for everyone, from the gal who loves a strapless dress for a body-conscious evening look to the woman who prefers sweet lace skirts for glamour that comes in small, nonchalant doses. Even the most laid-back moments turn into opportunities for understated chic. 

The key here is contrast – and, in effect, experimentation. "Tailcoats can be worn with a long skirt and a lingerie-inspired top," suggests Ann-Sofie Johansson, H&M's head of design. And what better time than party season to really go all out? Make a play for opulence with something soft and rich, then shake it up with a touch of something fierce. Play the innocence of a feminine blouse against something daring. These friendly little competitions are what make each look so unique!

H&M red dressH&M Draped Top

Of course, you leave nothing to chance at H&M, where the merchandise is more than just affordable – it's also reliable. Take a virtual step into the online Fashion Studio and watch your favorite pieces come to life on the model of your choice. Mix and match to create new, unique combinations and experiment with potential party looks. This exercise in creativity is by far one of the most addictive additions to the H&M repertoire, and it provides a much more intimate look at those irresistible clothes and accessories you might be considering. 

Uniting the runway with the real world is one of H&M's most impressive traits, but this season it brings something decidedly more special to the table: togetherness. Through every gathering, whether big, small or somewhere in between, H&M has the entire season covered with luxe looks that translate beautifully everyday, everywhere. The budget-friendly pieces are also more than worthy of doling out to loved ones – what better way to express appreciation for a friend's great style while showing off your own?

H&M lace tier skirtH&M brocade dress