Holiday Gift Guide: The Aspiring Stylist

Gifts for aspiring stylists

Everyone has that friend who can spot a fake handbag a mile away, while showing off her latest vintage Hermes find. She drags you to sample sales, she can talk shop with the best of them, and she hosts a party on the night of awards shows solely for the red carpet commentary. She’s constantly heralded for her great style. In other words, she’s an aspiring stylist. For your friend who’d trade a limb to switch places with Rachel Zoe for just ten minutes, here are a few gifts that will wow an up and coming stylist. 


Miniemergency Survival KitMiniemergency Survival Kit

A chic metallic bag (available in pewter, gold, and red) holds a whopping 16 necessities that every aspiring stylist needs in her arsenal: lip balm, breath freshener, two earring backs, dental floss, emery board, nail polish remover, clear nail polish, hair spray, stain remover, double-sided hem tape, mending kit, pain reliever, deodorant towelette, tampon, and adhesive bandage are all tucked away neatly, ready to be used at a moment’s notice. Perfect for the girl on the go.  

The Miniemergency Survival Kit ($11.99) is essential!



Hair-Tie Band BallsHair-Tie Band Balls

A must have for anyone with long tresses! Did your stylist really go too short this time? Did you get caught in the rain on your way to your best friend’s engagement party? Pop one of these cute and colorful hair-tie band balls ($9.95) into your purse and suddenly you’ll have endless hair-ties at your fingertips. The fun colors also make for a last-minute accessory, so double one for a quick flash of color on your ring finger, or pile them on your wrist!



The Rachel Zoe Project: Season OneThe Rachel Zoe Project: Season One

Rachel Zoe is a stylist’s stylist; her amazing relationships with both clients and designers, droves of adoring fans, and marriage to the doting Rodger Berman, are what made fashion enthusiasts fall in love with her in the first season of Bravo’s smash-hit docu-drama ($12.99). A must-have for anyone seeking inspiration from one of the fashion industry’s best-known and admired styling talents. 



Gal Pal Wardrobe Essentials Gift SetGal Pal Wardrobe Essentials

Fashionable women should be falling to their knees to thank whoever conceptualized Gal Pal’s Wardrobe Essentials Gift Set ($15.98)! The set comes with a package of Gal Pal’s deodorant removers, two small sponges specially designed to quickly and easily remove deodorant marks from clothing without the use of cleaners or chemicals. Add on double-stick Gal Pal Everything Tape, perfect for avoiding embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions, and you’ve got everything you need to guarantee a drama-free night for your ensemble.


The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any StyleThe Lucky Guide

It’s no secret that shopping is serious business! Lucky magazine is an authority on everything from clothing to home goods. The editors at Lucky expanded on the ingenious editorial content that makes the monthly publication so addictive in The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style ($19.80), so you don’t have to wait for your next issue to get the magazine’s great advice on what to wear and when to wear it!

RuMe Cuff

RuMe Cuff

There are many elements that keep the fashion industry running. From runways to cover shoots, a steady stream of coffee keeps some of fashion’s best and brightest on their A-game. RuMe answered the cry of the busy and caffeine-dependent with the creation of their RuMe Cuff ($9.75), a reusable sleeve for a coffee cup that functions as a secure armband cash wallet. With enough room to tuck a few dollars, a credit card, and keys, it’s perfect for everyone from an editor-in-chief to an intern stuck making Starbucks runs! 



Dr Scholl’s For Her Fast Flats Foldable Black FlatsDr. Scholl's

After a long day running all over town, searching for the perfect vintage accessory or assisting an already established stylist, a girl’s feet are going to ache regardless of how high her heels are. That’s where Dr. Scholl’s comes in. Stow away these foldable flats in the wristlet they’re sold with in your purse or desk and, voila! When your dogs start to bark, Dr. Scholl’s foldable flats ($12.99) offer some seriously convenient relief.