5 Ways to Mix & Match Prints

Mixed Prints

Mixed printsMixing prints isn’t the easiest trend to pull off – one wrong move, and you’ve gone from chic to geek – but once you’ve mastered this look, you won’t be able to stop mixing and matching everything in your wardrobe. Even better, laundry day will be a cinch!

With our five tips, you’ll be mixing and matching patterned looks like a pro all winter long. 

Proportion: When mixing stripes, pair thick and thin stripes. The play on the proportion can easily emphasize your waistline or distract from problem areas.

Colors: A failsafe way to try your hand at mixing prints is to pair a neutral print with a busier one. A nude floral print skirt and a metallic or neon stripe is an easy way to try this trend. Let one of the printed pieces shine, while the other supports.

Start Slow: If you’re weary about mixing prints, start slow. Textured, patterned tights, and printed over-the-knee socks are an easy way to try your hand at mixing prints.

Whitney Ports in Mixed PrintsMixed PrintsWhitney Ports tests out texture (left) and mixed prints in proportion (right)

Plaid’s Rarely Bad:
We may have the 90s grunge scene to thank for layering plaid but face it, pairing plaid prints will keep you looking stylish AND warm. Throw an oversize men’s plaid vest in green or blue over a slim-fit plaid button down, pair with snuggly boots and you’ve got a look that will make even the most fashionable lumberjack jealous.

Test Out Textures:
Lace and polka dots may sound like a nightmare, but playing up a texture is an easy way to mix prints. Above, Whitney Port paired a high-waisted black skirt with a blousy blue polka dot top to make pairing prints look effortless.