4 Trends to Trash for 2011

Model wearing Derek Lam wide leg pants

The new year is a blank slate and a chance to forget all the fashion trends you now regret wearing, including those that should have died last year but simply refused. Taking part in a bad fashion trend isn’t anything to be ashamed of, it just means that you like to take chances – and fashion is all about being adventurous. That said, you should know when to call it quits. We’ve rounded up four new trends to replace last year’s bad choices. 

Black mini-backpackMarc Jacobs mini body-cross backpack

1. 2010 was the year everyone decided they were nostalgic for the 90s. The New York Times declared that women were dressing like Seinfeld‘s Elaine Benes, wearing floral frocks and oversized blazers once again. While babydoll dresses have surely made their comeback, it’s no excuse to wear mini backpacks, which might as well be plucked from the costume department of Clueless. This year, it’s all about the mini body-cross bag – it’s still tiny but doesn’t bring back memories of Lollapalooza 1994! 

Girl wearing a crop topGirl wearing a tunic 

2. Speaking of the 90s, who decided it was time to bring back crop tops? The barely there shirt was popularized in early 90s television shows like 90210 and Saved By The Bell.  Throughout the decade, crop tops got tighter and shorter, and were worn by just about every pop star. If Britney Spears shouldn’t wear a crop top in 2011, neither should you. If you are looking to make a statement with length, then switch it up and go for longer flowing tunics – they won’t look like you went shopping with AC Slater!

Model wearing a jumpsuitModel wearing Derek Lam wide leg pants

3. If you like to live life mixing up what you wear on your legs, consider that it’s time to trade that 70s-inspired jumpsuit in for 70s-inspired wide leg pants. Fashion is cyclical, and while they say if you wore it once, you shouldn’t wear it again, this is simply not true of the wide leg pant. While the silhouette has been shadowed by the skinny legged pant and even jeggings (which probably belong on the list of things to get rid of in 2011), the wide leg pant is a classic style that can remain in your wardrobe for years. 

shredded sweaterSliced raglan sweater

4. You should be glad you don’t live with your mother anymore, because if she saw you trying to leave the house in all your shredded clothes, she’d tell you to march upstairs to your room and put on something decent. There is nothing wrong with a few rips here and there. Who among us doesn’t have a favorite pair of ripped jeans? There is a difference, however, between wearing clothes that look lovingly worn and looking like you got in a fight with a rabid cat. Remember that like most things, less is more. For 2011, try clothing that is sliced, offering a peek of skin rather than shredded to bits.