Closed Set with Julie Bensman: Whisky a Go Go-es East

When dating someone who dabbles in the mixology world, a lady is often obliged to be the "plus one" at many an industry event. Dual post-work party schedules can be tricky to coordinate, especially when the events in question are so drastically different in nature:



  • Start late (read: 10pm)
  • Often require specific attire (read: prohibition and drunken dragon parties)
  • Involve a specific vocabulary (read: muddle, swizzle and mise en bouteille)


  • Start at appropriate times (read: 7pm) 
  • Often require specific attire (read: black)
  • Involve a specific vocabulary (read: Balenciaga)

The stars aligned last Thursday, however, at the Macallan Masters of Photography party at Milk Studios. He came for the whisky – a never-before-released 20-Year-Old Sherry Oak, to be precise – and I came for the photography, that of acclaimed photographer Albert Watson. For the special partnership, Watson took a 12-day, 600 mile road trip through Northern Spain, taking photographs along the way through the eyes of a young couple enchanted with the varying landscapes of the region. 

The photographs lined the walls of the studio, while Rose Byrne, Alexandra Richards and Olivia Munn sipped whisky and took in the gorgeous imagery. Macallan’s aimed to showcase two revered art processes: photography and whisky-making, and succeeded with flying colors. Later this year, 36 individually customized bottles of The Macallan 1946 whisky (the year Watson first met his wife, Elizabeth) with a signed one-off collectible platinum print will be available for a pretty penny: $16,000. I suppose it’s a small price to pay for the work of a master (I’m referring to the photographer; my partner in crime might say Macallan’s).

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Editor-At-Large Julie BensmanThe Fashion Spot’s Editor-at-Large, Julie Bensman, is also the Entertainment Editor for Niche Media, whose titles include Gotham, Hamptons, Ocean Drive and LA Confidential. Closed Set is a collection of her musings on all things fashion, from an editor’s desk to your desktop.