NY Fashion Week Fall 2011 Street Style: More Models


Model New York Fashion Week Hatalt













Let's face it, models can pull off menswear better than anyone else. Something about the pairing of a model's statuesque figure topped off with a hat creates a playful air. Throw a hat on any model and she'll make it work like it's entirely her own look, like it never belonged to the boys! 














When in doubt, stay sleek in all black. During New York Fashion Week, models are truly frenzied, switching out several hair and makeup looks every day. An all black palette goes with all makeup and every hairstyle. When the runways are anything but simple, staying streamlined during Fashion Week's downtime is half the battle when it comes to staying sophisticated.














Furry jackets and combat boots are a popular pairing in Columbus Circle this week. The uber-feminine jacket is offset by the take-no-prisoners sass of combat boots. Keep it simple with skinny jeans and you've got yourself a funky look that's half Royal Tenenbaums, half GI Joe.  














Black leather boots are a New York Fashion Week staple! Combat or motorcycle boots give a great dose of attitude to any look. Plus, when hitting the pavement between shows, models need a serious shoe they can walk for blocks in. The bad girl boot is the perfect fit!