Kate Middleton Appoints Philip Treacy Official Wedding Hat Maker

We're still wondering who will be designing Kate Middleton's wedding dress, but one thing we know for sure is that there will be hats. Known for showcasing headwear of varying proportions, Kate is rarely seen at a wedding engagement or special occasion without some sort of brilliant hat. But who will design the hats for her wedding? Drum roll, please…Philip Treacy! His creations are often seen perched atop famous heads such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Lady Gaga; it is reported that The Duchess of Cornwall recommended Treacy to Kate, who has worn his creations before.

Kate will be wearing a veil during the wedding (which we can't WAIT to see), but is rumoured to want something fantastic to wear at night when she changes into more casual attire. Treacy will also be designing hats for members of the bridal party, as well as Kate's mother. Said to have rooms reserved strictly for wedding gowns, shoes, and hats at the palace, Kate is sure to surprise all with her choice of dress.  At least we now know which hat designs to look for when peering over the crowds.

A Philip Treacy hat.A Philip Treacy hat.

The hat on the left is a classic English style, and is very appropriate for a royal wedding. The rose gives it a little extra sparkle without being too bland, and the shape is extremely elegant, making it a perfect choice for Kate's mother. This smaller disc-shaped hat with bow detail is young, playful, and reminiscent of hats Kate has worn in the past. It is very simple and modern, and allows for a more elaborate hair style underneath. The bright color would also make quite a splash at church!

A Philip Treacy hat.A Philip Treacy hat.

The netting and ornate flowers and embellishments on the hat at left evoke a distinct bridal feel, making it the perfect choice for the bridesmaids, or for Kate at her reception. The larger brim and forward facing angle of the hat on the right are both elegant and respectful, something one must be concerned about when attending a royal wedding. Although white, the simplicity of the hat makes it a perfect accessory for a more mature guest, and could be worn again at the races. Or a polo match!