How to Perfect the Layering Trend

The layering trend courtesy of Vanessa Jackman.Layers are hard to perfect. That really great combination of colors and lengths that makes an outfit just right is something only super stylists, fashion editors, models, and celebrities seem to be able to pull off. Enter sheer layers: they are becoming the easiest, most practical way to layer up against the cold and the look has been adopted from the fashion pack and model set to celebrities off the red carpet.

The combination of gossamer fine knits, jerseys and cottons all piled on top of each other, and the addition of a sheer dress or floaty skirt, are usually paired with a more solid item, such as a denim jacket. The thinner the fabric is, and the more variations there are in length, the better the layering becomes.

Start with a long-sleeve tight-fitting sweater, add a superfine t-shirt, and throw over a long cardigan with a whispy scarf.

Pair all this with some leggings or jeans, add your choice of footwear, and sheer layering is taken to the streets.  The key to making the trend work is to keep all items within the same color family. Pair soft neutrals together, soft lilacs with greys, and muted pinks with nude hues.  Feel free to add a splash of color; and if you really do like to make a statement, go all out layering with neons!

As seen above, pairing a long sheer skirt (image courtesy of Vanessa Jackman) with a loose, fine knit gives the illusion of a long, lean silhouette. The addition of a shorter fur chubbie and pushed up sleeve provide the perfect amount of exposed skin to show off some accessories.

Abbey Lee Kershaw in white layers.

The Aussie model Abbie Lee Kershaw (image courtesy of Altamira) loves to showcase the sheer trend, and with her layering of white-on-white floaty skirts and sheer long sleeve tops, she shows the trend off to perfection. Her trick: layering her top OVER the dress!

Marie Claire Senior Fashion Editor Zanna Roberts in layers.

Marie Claire Senior Fashion Editor Zanna Roberts (image courtesy of Vanessa Jackman) makes this trend look simple. The combination of her sheer pleated skirt and oversized jumper could look boring, but with the addition of a printed scarf adds color, and lets the fluidity of the skirt become the feature piece in her outfit.