Bright Colors for Spring!

The future is looking bright. Primary reds and blues, neon brights, and bold splashes of color, have taken the fashion world by storm. Seen on the runway at Prada and Jil Sander, on the red carpet and on the fashionistas at fashion week, super bright hues are the look du jour.

Prada's Spring 2011 collection is stunning; from the super luxe and bright fur stoles to the multi-colored stripes and monkey prints that combine ingenious print and pattern, to richly-hued colors, you won't blend in with the crowd. Jil Sander opted for more solid color blocking with maxi skirts in rich tones like canary yellow and sunshine orange.


Jil Sander introduces bright colors.

Prada introduces bright colors on the runway.

Left: Jil Sander's super bright collection was extremely popular, and paired bright jewel tones with simple white t-shirts. Right: Prada took brights to a whole new level with a combination of colorful stripes and very bold prints. Photographs courtesy of 

Celebrities have embraced the trend, opting for bright gowns on the red carpet and more unusual colors than the typical metallics and blush pinks that have reigned in the past. On the street, the trend is 'more is more' – people are actually mixing two or three bright hues together with colorful accessories to match!  

A model wearing bright hues.Photograph courtesy of The Blonde Salad

The best way to amp up the color volume is by mixing tones together, rather than with black and white. Accessories are also a perfect way to add that extra element to an outfit, like a super bright bag or shoe.   


Hailee Steinfeld wearing a bright striped Prada dress on the red carpet.

Jennifer Lawrence rocks a bright red dress at the Oscars.

Photographs courtesy of Wenn

Hailee Steinfeld rocked a Prada dress on the red carpet, showing how the new brights can be perfect for a more formal occasion, and still look elegant and youthful. Jennifer Lawrence shows us that a bold hue really does make a statement; and it's one that keeps showing up on the red carpet. She was just one of the many ladies that pulled off a bright red gown at the Oscars this year.