Pamela Love for Topshop Collection Revealed

Whether it’s her Tribal Necklace, her Talon Cuff, or any one of the other bold and daring pieces in her collection, it’s hard to ignore a Pamela Love piece. The jewelry designer's prices, however, make her work only accessible to a select few, which explains the electric excitement that has been surrounding her affordable collaboration with Topshop. Launching in the retailer’s Manhattan store on May 26, the collection hits the web on May 19 and is priced at a modest $35 to $100.

pamela love for topshop

Images from the collection have been released and they combine inspiration drawn from South America and Native America, with some softer touches like hearts, dream catchers, and feathers. The designer says she was also inspired by images of 1970s Gypsy Rockers. The antique finish of most of the pieces, along with the studs and the chains are very true to the designer’s aesthetic and while I was secretly hoping for some more direct knock-offs, the collection will undoubtedly satisfy the designer's innumerable fans.