At only twenty-five years old, Nicholas Routzen is already making a powerful impact as a fashion and music photographer.

Much of his work is shot in exotic locations with the juxtaposition of his subjects set against the backdrop of Mother Nature.  

“I’ve always been very intrigued by both beautiful and decaying landscapes,” Nicholas says.   “I find beauty in every location. Textures and depth have always played heavy roles in my framing.




My strongest work is shot horizontally, which creates a more compositionally interesting frame.



Regardless of how I’m framing, I love to overpower natural light with strobes. 

I keep my subjects creatively lit, underexpose my backgrounds, and use a lot of eye contact and sex appeal.”



Moody skies, bodies of water, lifeless trees, parched desert, and abandoned cities feature heavily in the work, and are as vital to the story as the models themselves.


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