Once upon a time there were science and math geeks, identifiable by their pocket protectors, heavy black glasses and their ability to tell you the square root of the hypotenuse without batting an eye.

That was then and this is now.  These days we have a relatively new phenomenon – the FASHION geek! These are people who are so devoted to (AKA-obsessed with) fashion, they can take one look at an article of clothing and instantly identify the designer, the season and possibly even name the model who wore it down the runway.  This may not sound like much, but with runway shows twice a year in 4 major cities (three times if you count couture and even more if you count menswear), this is no small feat.


These are people who take their fashion quite seriously, thank you!  They follow the careers of their favourite designers the way some might follow that of a pop idol, eagerly awaiting the upcoming collections as you would a new release from your favourite artist. And while many of these fashion frenzied folks will never own any of these garments (let’s face it- how many of us have an occasion to wear a couture gown?), they follow the shows with an almost religious fervor.

There is, of course, a subcategory to this phenomenon – the MODEL geek.


These are the folks who can tell you how many shows a girl has done in each city each season, how many ad campaigns she is appearing in, and list all of her vital statistics, including her age, where she is from and even whether or not she is a smoker!



So, are you a fashion geek?  Here are some clues.

*Get your geek glasses ready*

If you can answer three or more of these questions correctly, you might be a fashion geek, in which case, you would be in some seriously stylish company!

1.  Who is currently the designer for Lanvin and what job did he have before this one?

(bonus points if you can tell why he left his last job)

2.  Who is the current designer for the House of Givenchy?

(bonus:  which British designer resigned from this position because he did not want to work for a corporate giant?)

3.  What designer was recently appointed the creative director for the Gap?

(bonus points if you can name who was appointed creative director for Old Navy)

4.  Who is currently the designer for Jil Sander?

5.  Designer Olivier Theyskens has designed under three labels – name them.




1.  Alber Elbaz; YSL womenswear

(bonus:  He left because Gucci group bought YSL and Tom Ford wanted to design YSL womenswear himself)

2.  Riccardo Tischi

(bonus:  Alexander McQueen)

3.  Patrick Robinson

(bonus: Todd Oldham)

4.  Raf Simons

5.  His own label/Olivier Theyskens, Rochas, Nina Ricci (in that order)


Photos courtesy of Splash News and the Fashion Spot forums.