Going Green goes Mainstream

By Kim Mitchell (aka kimair)

In the world of sustainable fashion, the clothing has had a tendency to look more home grown than sophisticated. Now a growing list of designers are taking green fashion to the next level and creating pieces that are stylish and socially conscious.

Phillip Lim has created Go Green Go, a 10 piece capsule collection featuring his signature tunic dresses, paper-bag waist skirts, and double-breasted jackets all made with organic cotton and sustainable silks. There’s even a long gown that could double as a wedding dress for $995. All the pieces come in un-dyed or non-chemically dyed ivory or white. The collection is available exclusively at Barneys (and and at Lim’s New York store.

If you’re looking for denim instead of dresses, Loomstate has been on the forefront of the organic movement, but some established and newer lines are catching up. Earnest Sewn, Seven for all Mankind, and Levi’s are all offering organic cotton denim jeans. Del Forte Denim, a new company based in Los Angeles, is using 100% organic cotton along with ethical production, including eco-friendly hand-tags. They also donate a percentage of sales to the Sustainable Cotton Project, which helps build relationships between farmers, manufacturers and consumers.

On the cheaper side of things, H&M has had a small collection of organic cotton pieces in stores for about a year. The looks include basics like knit dresses, t-shirts for men and women and tiny camisoles. Later this month, Banana Republic will be introducing a 50-piece green line for men and women, all made from sustainable fabrics such as bamboo and organic cotton that will hit stores April 8. The line is expected to retail from $24-$150 and a percentage of store sales will benefit the Trust for Public Lands, a non-profit land conservation organization. The Gap already offers men’s t-shirts and tanks in organic cotton in some stores.

So if you’re looking to be more socially conscious in your fashion, you now have a lot more to choose from.

Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums, featuring Philip Lim and Lara Miller.