The Love List: Diane Birch Edition

Diane Birch

Diane Birch love list

This week's edition of The Love List is guest edited by singer-songwriter Diane Birch. Here are 8 things she's currently loving:


1. Opening Ceremony Lace Dress

I'm a sucker for black lace and fringe, so the double combo is perfect for me.  


2. Chanel No. 19

If I had been able to have any other career besides music, I think I would have been a perfumer. I am completely addicted to scents and there are few that I haven't tried. I've recently rediscovered my love for this classic scent as every whiff seems to embody the word. I sometimes spray it on and daydream that I'm a character in Dynasty!


3. Torso Vintage suede Gucci Hat

It's no secret that I love hats, so any way to switch up the ol' black felt top is welcome. This Gucci suede piece is my current obsession.


4. Raquel Allegra Leopard Print Duster Jacket

This linen jacket has an amazing print and soft fabric so it's great to mix and match with everything from denim cut offs to maxi skirts and dresses.


5. Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Rose Tinted sunglasses

I adore these rosy shades that are so large and seemingly obnoxious, yet they are so subtle and elegant on. I find myself saying "dahling" more frequently.


6. Floral Socks

Growing up with a mother obsessed with flowers, I've inherited an obsession for anything floral print.  I wear these with everything from heels to boots. 


7. Vintage Biker Boots

Most of the time I have the best intentions of wearing all my uncomfortable high heels or wedges but I end up feeling most comfortable in my biker boots. I love wearing them with breezy chiffons or printed maxi skirts and dresses for a little trip to the 90s.


8. Vintage Turquoise Slave Bracelet

I collect loads of jewelry and have a weak spot for vintage Native American turquoise pieces. It gives me something pretty to look at when I'm playing the piano.

Diane BirchDiane Birch made her studio debut with 2009's Bible Belt, a combination of singer/songwriter soul and soft, '70s-era pop in the vein of Carole King, Laura Nyro, and Elton John. Although born in Michigan, Birch traveled the globe as a child, bouncing between Zimbabwe, South Africa, Australia, and Oregon with her preacher father. Her musical influences proved to be as diverse as her upbringing, and the Suzuki-trained pianist eventually moved to Los Angeles, where she began distilling her love for Motown, blues, and old-fashioned pop into a uniquely retro sound. After honing her chops in England, Birch returned to America and signed with S-Curve Records. Bible Belt, which featured cameos from members of Galactic, the Roots, and the Jive Five, was released in May 2009. Her second album, The Velveteen Age, was released in December 2010.