This week we bring you Chloe Jo: the stylish animal crusader.  Her site is at 

Q:  Where do you live?

A:  In NYC, although I am originally from Liverpool, England.


Q:  What is your occupation?

A:  I’m a writer, stylist, green goddess, animal rescue lass, radio host, online personality, and ethical fashion expert. I blog weekly on my eco-fabulous newsletter (GirlieGirl Army – ), and am the Green lifestyle and Fashion Expert on Q102 Radio (

I am also the Green Fashion Expert on, and have a TV show in Production called “Hot Green Girl” with Finola Hughes as Executive Producer, and a book deal pending!   My delicious day job is as Farm Sanctuary’s Event planner.  Farm Sanctuary is the Nation’s largest Farm Animal Rescue and Advocacy Environmental Organization.  

Now knee deep in animal advocacy, I’ve done reality TV been named New York’s hottest party promoter, and will most likely be the bawdiest girl in the room who keeps her clothes on and her facts clearly articulated. I’ve been featured everywhere from the cover of the Village Voice to Glamour Magazine.  I was recently named one of HEEB Magazine’s Hottest 100 Jews in the world, and I’ve got a press kit that makes my friends call me the most famous un-famous person ever. I’m not some holier than thou environmentalist living off the grid; I’m a real girl doing as much as she can to keep her lips glossy and the planet spinning!


Q:  How old are you?

A:  31


Q:  Describe your style. 

A:  Bawdy vegan goddess meets uptown scion.  Eco-delicious Grey Gardens meets Yentyl on the Lower East Side.  I’m over the slutty rockertrash throw-aways of my twenties, and now finally embracing my inner elegant lady.  I am instantly attracted to color, print, vibrance, and anything old. 

I love mixing real vintage ($1 dresses, not some Pucci that cost more than your Mama’s eyelift) with good solid, life-r pieces.    I hate looking boring, and am a huge fan of glamour and vavavavooooom sex appeal. What’s the point in doing anything if you don’t do everying?! A gal should always wear heels and a push up bra when facing the world after 5pm. 

I just worship the gals who have the time to do the full 50’s regalia.  I’d say my look is a mixture of 70’s lovechild and 80’s power lesbian. I love, adore, want to marry my make up.  My main M.O is — no animal needs to die or suffer for me to look hot.  That said; wool, leather, fur, and silk are persona non grata for me.  It’s much easier than you can imagine to be a vegan goddess.  Anyone with questions can email me at  I’ll give ya a mouthful.  I think it’s really fun to play with extreme looks; to be a baggy jeaned hoody skateboarder looking girl one day, and then Sophia Loren the next.  Most likely, if it’s tight and retro, I’m drooling. My best guy friends who take crazy risks really inspire me.  I love someone not afraid to leave the house in a dance belt and a trash bag. 


Q:  Who are your favorite designers?


A:  I live and die for Kaight on the Lower East Side.  Kaight is always the first to get the hottest new eco-designers like Linda Loudermilk, John Patrick Organic, Lara Miller, and Edun before the mainstream stores catch on.   I go to Kate (the owner of Kaight) once a season and buy a few pieces, and she never steers me wrong. I dream of Stella McCartney shoes, but in the real world I rock Payless (yep, this bitch is leather free – who on earth would WANT to wear cow skin on their bods, talk about icky karma!).  Banana Republic and Theory actually have some great classics.  One day I’ll make my way over to the Temperley sample sale because her clothes are simply walking poetry.  I hear harps when I see her dresses in mags. 

Mink Shoes ( couldn’t be cuter and are totally the wave of the future for environmentally sound shoes (leather tanning is an eco nightmare).  I also really drool over shoes, which are so chic, I’d steal them from my own Mama.  I’ve been seen wearing cheapy dresses from Strawberry or Forever 21 with diamond heirlooms, and I like it that way. 

Oh and my sister ( is a ridiculously talented jewelry designer – so I wear alot of her pieces when I’m lucky enough to get a loaner when it isn’t at a photo shoot with Lindsay Lohan or at the Oscars with Demi Moore.  For rock n roll jewelry; I’m a big fan of the fierce designs from Exhibitionist NYC.  For jewelry imbued with Reiki (it works, it works I sweaar!!) I love — and it’s totally affordable. 

I also had a custom locket made by my friend Chloe (yep, namesters) at with a photo of my Fiance as a kid wearing a Motley Crue hat which just melts my jaded jewish heart.  Let’s not forget, no sexy bitch should be without the worlds comfiest thongs from Hanky Panky.  Who wants a yeast infection with their lingerie?  Though I can never resist a totally overpriced set from Trashy Lingerie when I’m in LA. 

My aunt designs for Anthopologie and their stuff is really ethereal and pretty.  But let’s face it – at the end of the day – I’m a dog mommy who spends her winters in ski pants and hoodies.  If I had the chutzpah I’d be head to toe covered in tattoos – there is nothing more beautiful to me than art on the body.  As of now I have a measly 3, and once I find out if it’s uncool to still be getting tattooed in your 50’s, I’ll start figuring out my next move.  I remember meeting a 60 woman at a gala in the hamptons who was the pinnacle of chic; a chignon, red lips, matte skin, gorgeous suit… and she had these odd little homemade tattooes all over her arms, and she was utterly cool.


Are you so sick of snobby girl sites telling you were to buy Kobe beef or how to travel in Private planes?  That is SO not our shpiel.  We are their hipster older sister who wouldn’t be caught dead in fur, knows who the hottest band is before they hit the airwaves, and rock vintage like there is no tomorrow.  You’ll be clicking unsubscribe on all those cheesy newsletters before we can say Green Goddess


Who is the Girlie Girl Army?

We are a crew of girls (and guys!) who like cheap couture, pop culture, feminism, and art happenstances (yes, you can love them all).   We get the word on what’s hot before it hits your favorite indie magazine. Blogging, animal rescue, and cupcake baking is as de rigueur for us as fundraising, scouring vintage stores, living gorgeously green, popping around the city on our Vespa’s, and getting our belt buckles customized.   Yea, we look as good in black tie as we do in a tool belt.  You are as likely to see us front row at a fashion show, as you are at a demonstration for a cause we are passionate about. We unequivocally adore animals, 70’s rock n’ roll fashion, gourmet eats, fabulous parties, and a bit o’ politics.   We run the gamut from rock stars to new Moms – and everything in betwixt. We will hit a dive bar minutes before working the room at a socialista gathering like a maven.   Join us. Get with us. And we will share our first hand, VIP knowledge in our weekly newsletter that goes out to a special posse.


What is the newsletter about?

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