Forum Street Style: Coping With a Cold Front

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This past week (in Boston at least) has been cold, rainy and dreary – one of those don’t-look-at-me-because-I’m-not-even-going-to-try weeks. I may have kicked around wearing sweater upon sweater, but lucky for you, other forum members put more effort into their outfits than I did. A bunch of the ladies featured below added some additional layers to ward of the unseasonable cold while also utilizing pieces from their springtime wardrobes. Despite the chill, they’re still resolutely refusing to turn too far back toward the winter we all thought we’d left behind. 

elly9 forum street styletrueblue831 forum street styleAiryFairy forum street style

elly9, trueblue831, AiryFairy

Elly9 may have donned her green scallop-edged Pixie Market shorts, but her Zara shirt and blazer, and H&M booties signify that the weather hasn’t allowed her to fully transition into Spring just yet.

Trueblue831 abandoned her ballet flats for a pair of leg-warming over-the-knee boots that she wore with a blue and yellow Marc by Marc Jacobs dress.

AiryFairy paired black leather shorts from Urban Outfitters with a chambray shirt from J. Crew and Asos black tights with a heart garter detail. The heart garter tights add a sufficient level of quirkiness to the look but the rocking horse necklace from Forever21 is a subtle reminder of the denim shirt’s Cowboy origins.

Frouu forum street styleLa Vanguardi forum street styleSonnytsunami forum street style

Frouu, La Vanguardia, Sonnytsunami

In the UK, Frouu looked laid back and lovely in a midi-length vintage skirt with wide pleats, and a vintage sweater with rolled up sleeves. Her wide-brimmed straw hat is from H&M and her black lace-up boots were an ebay buy. To see more images and a video blog of her outfit, check out froufrouu.

La Vanguardia layered up in impeccably cut basic essentials. She wore a blue Balenciaga skirt with a Balenciaga top and leather jacket, and Christian Louboutin booties. Her Lanvin for H&M necklace simultaneously brightened and dressed up the neckline of her simple top.

Sonnytsunami may have paired Hogan booties with her Primark jeggings, but she kept things light up top with a Sandro dress that she wore as a top and a new white blazer from Sisley that she wore for the first time this week.

voodoo_mary forum street stylefrickys forum street styletoothfairy forum street style

voodoo_mary, frickys, toothfairy

Fortunate to live in a place where it’s seemingly beautiful year-round, voodoo_mary wore an outfit of muted colors in the brown, black and bronze family. Her Karen Zambos skirt keeps things interesting with vertical layers of circles. Her top is from Hy & Dot, belt by D&G and the bag is vintage Gucci.

Frickys didn’t shy away from the sheer nature of her Romwe top. She chose to highlight it instead by wearing a fluorescent yellow tube bra from American Apparel underneath. Her neutral bracelets and jacket are from H&M, black shoes and jeans are from Zara, and her mustard-yellow pouch is from American Apparel.

Toothfairy built her outfit around a Missoni scarf whose color scheme unifies every other piece she’s wearing. Her leather jacket, top and purse are all Zara purchases, while her pants and grey suede pumps are from Asos. 


Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.