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 I love grey, I adore grey.

I actively pursue grey. Grey is a priority.

Gray, on the other hand, does not hold the same appeal.


I love my pants, yet I would never ever ever go near slacks.

Occasionally trousers pique my curiosity.


Ruffles? Eh.

Layers? Ah.


Words are interesting. If you’ve ever called a store looking for an item and had to describe it to the sales person and found your skills…wanting, as you fail to successfully identify the item in question for your audience, you might feel inclined to question the years you spent as an English major…or perhaps blame lies with the associate’s obvious lack of familiarity with their stock, which no doubt you are accurately defining through inspiring and passionate language and in impressive detail.


The experience might make you realize how often you relate to fashion visually, and rarely verbally…and then there is the whole matter of using foreign words, like rouge, noir, culottes.


 Are you aware of having a preferred fashion vocabulary? (now I’m talking about your own words, not advertising/catalog language that we do or don’t like – I know that J.Crew has people working around the clock to come up with 9,999 new ways to say ‘yellow.’) Does it serve you well?