What We Bought: Coveted Topshop Glitter Boots and More (Forum Shopaholics)

H&M floral maxi dress

In the past week, forum shopaholics scrambled to snag high fashion designer-inspired boots from Topshop, made the requisite trips to Zara to scope out the stuff on sale and in their new collection, gravitated toward floral dresses, and received some sparkly starfish. Some of the Fashion Spot forum members' most recent acquisitions are highlighted below.

Peter Jensen red floral dressH&M floral maxi dress

Snow-White purchased a bright abstract floral-print dress by Peter Jensen, while Zarina went for a more traditional and romantic floral-print maxi dress from H&M.

Carlo Zini starfish earrings

Lola rose loves her jewelry, and this week a pair of sparkly Carlo Zini starfish earrings that she had ordered arrived at her doorstep. 

Zara Givenchy-inspired panther teeBlack skinny pants from Zara

Jinadaze came home from Zara with a Givenchy-inspired black panther tee from their new collection. Mamochan also shopped at Zara this week, picking up a couple slim pairs of black pants on sale.

Topshop antique ankle suede boots

Teja snapped up a pair of Topshop's Isabel Marant-inspired antique suede ankle boots. She lucked out where others missed out. Gossiping posted, “They had one pair left in my local store but just as I walked away someone else picked them up and got them.”

Zara striped dressTopshop glitter boots

Fabeleux posted excitedly that she “was able to pick up a few things in [her] size from the further marked down sale [items]” at Zara. One of those new purchases is the simple chunky-striped shift dress shown above.

Topshop’s Giuseppe Zanotti-inspired Ambush glitter boots were very popular with forum members – and with everyone else it seems, as they appear to have instantly sold out online after being restocked. Fritze and callagabrielle were both lucky enough (and quick enough) to get online and order a pair of the coveted boots yesterday. 

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.