How to Rock Cut-Outs Tastefully

cut-out dresses Emma Watson Gwen Stefani Nicole Richie Emma Roberts

cut-out dresses Emma Watson Gwen Stefani Nicole Richie Emma Roberts

Nicole Richie, Emma Roberts, Gwen Stefani, and Emma Watson wear cut-outs on the red carpet.

Images: Lia Toby/, Daniel Deme /

The sexiest way to show some skin this summer? Don a cut-out dress. Popping up (or should we say out) all over Tinseltown, this mildly risqué trend has been spotted on the likes of pretty much everyone, ranging from stylish celebs like Emma Watson to hot reality stars like Kristin Cavallari. While we must admit that—yes—we’re kind of borderline obsessed, the rational part of us knows all too well the horror stories of a cut-out dress gone wrong. Ahem, see Ke$ha below.

Kesha cut-outsIf you’re looking to imitate this daring craze, please do so with caution—there's a fine line between sexy and sleazy. Here are a few things you should know first (or chance looking like Edward Scissorhands got hold of your outfit):

1. Excessive Cutouts = #Skanky. If more of your dress is missing than what you actually have on, chances are, it’s probably too slutty. Stick to one (maybe two, tops) subtle cut-outs, and have them both hit the same general area of your body. If your entire stomach is exposed, or you look like you just lost a fight to a cat, DON’T go out in public.

2. Highlight Your Best Asset. Got a sexy back (or just bringing sexy back)? Snip on the flipside. Got abs of steel like Superman…or maybe just Tracy Anderson? Cut in the front. Whatever you love about yourself, accent it! Just don’t accent it TOO much…(see #1 above).

3. Easy On The Accessories. You’re already making a pretty bold statement with your cut-out, so try and keep the rest of your outfit simple and don’t overdo it on the accessories. Ditto goes for your hair and makeup. You want to look chic and classy, not gaudy and trashy. 

4. Take Precaution. Before stepping out of the house, make sure your dress is in check and nothing inappropriate is peeking out. Because really, what’s more embarrassing than showing up to The Oscars with your nips in full view?