Natural fibers will be strong for spring 09, in particular cottons and silks.

There will be plenty of washed out fabrics that look like they have just come out of the washing machine, drapey and soft to the touch.

Colors in this season are also soft, such as apricots, lilacs, pinks and blues, and a few neutrals going hand in hand for the eco look.

Cottons will be treated with special finishes, looking like they have just emerged from the laboratory.

Checks will be stronger than stripes which have been important this summer, and there will be lots of oversized prints in very strong colors.. the color story on prints is in sharp contrast to the softer colours on the cottons previously described. Equally important are surface interest fabrics especially in jacquards.


Polyesters will be revamped in a new 2009 way. Don’t think of the old polyesters/crimplene all those years ago, this time around they could be easily mistaken for silks as the finish is so sophisticated and the advantage over silk is that they are machine washable.

Have a look at Lanvin’s spring/summer 2008 range and you will see what I mean. They look and feel amazing.

Transparency looks are growing all the time, and next summer there will be plenty of transparent fabrics around.  It’s an important look, and there will be lots of feathery and airy light weight fabrics in the soft color palette to chose from.

Jacquards and dobbies are important too, again with washed finishes, which brings me to talk about the importance of textures and surface interest.

Karen Levy is a fabric consultant who develops and sources fabrics from all over the world. She has been in the industry several years  and is always on the look out for new fabric trends.

Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.  Header image by Nicholas Routzen.