10 Geek Chic Accessories for Back-to-School

geek to chic back to school

Going back to school may not be as cool as Billy Madison and “that Veronica Vaughn” but hey, there are some things in life that we’re never too old to look forward to, like back-to-school shopping. That’s right kids, whether you graduated 10 years ago or are just heading off for your freshman year at college, scoring new gear is one activity that will never go out of style (at least in our book).

So get your lunch packed up and your boots tied tight, here are ten must-have geek chic accessories to start your school year off right:  

10 geek chic accessories

1. Kate Spade iPhone 3 Hard Cover, $40 – Deck your phone out in this retro case that even your parents might appreciate. Just make sure the teacher doesn’t take it during class (or set your cell on silent like a good honor student!) 

2. Angela Versetta Handbag, $189 – Never sacrifice tech-savvy for style with this chic iPad handbag. Just unzip the compartment for easy access…to your tablet that is.

3. ASOS Envelope Laptop Case In Faux Croc Effect, $34.48 – Clutches aren’t just for boozy nights on the town with the girls anymore. Now you can carry your computer in style with this faux croc case from ASOS.

4. Hitchhiker Convertible Bag, $58 – This badass black vegan leather bag will take you straight from Biology 101 to the bar. It can be worn as a backpack or over the shoulder, and includes a handy-dandy zip pocket for your cell.

5. Smythson Kindle Case, $340 – Forget the library, when you can read books from anywhere and still look fashionable while doing it, who needs to study? Oh, and you can even have your case silver stamped for an extra $12 a letter, up to five letters…if you’re into that sort of thing.

6. Mr. Marc USB, $38 – Take your files to class and work from the computer lab with this hilariously chic USB keychain. Equipped with 2 GBs of storage space and a detailed clasp, this little number is def user friendly. 

7. Electric Man, $20 – Power to the people! Electric man couldn’t be happier to offer you his stylish stems as grounded power outlets for you and your friends.

8. Tocky Rolling Alarm Clock, $69 – This baby will literally jump off your nightstand and roll away to get your butt out of bed and to class on time. I mean, talk about saved by the bell…

9. The Non-Planner Datebook, $15 – Bar crawl Friday night? Check! Get inspired with this cute non-planner planner that comes with pre-printed prompts to help you keep track of appointments, tests, ideas, weekend adventures and so much more.  

10. Zumreed ZHP-014 Sfit Headphones, $44.59 – Jam out in between classes with these uber cool (and super compact!) hot pink headphones. They’ll fold up to 1” thickness so — realistically — you can take them with you anywhere.